Traffic Controls & Detours

The Myponga Loop (a 19 km run circumnavigating Myponga Reservoir) will be run on Sunday 18 August 2024 starting at 8:00 am on Hansen Street, Myponga.  The run will mostly be on trails inside the reservoir grounds, but there are two sections of Main South Road where traffic controls will be in place for runners using the roadway and one section of Reservoir Road across the dam wall.

See below for the course map and details of traffic controls, road closures and detours that will be in place.  Timings are inclusive of time for traffic controls to be set up & packed down.  Roads will re-open as soon as possible after the last runner has passed through and traffic control can be packed up.

Myponga Loop Long Course Map

Download file: Myponga Loop Long Course 20230119.gpx

Main South Road, through Myponga


Hansen Street 6:00-8:30 am

Road closed.

Access to CFS if required

Main South Road

Hutchinson St to Pages Flat Road

7:00-8:30 am

Northbound carriageway closed.

Detour via Stephens Road & Rowley Road

Main South Road

Pages Flat Road to Reservoir Road


8:00-8:30 am

Northbound carriageway closed.

Detour via Pages Flat Road & Victor Harbor Road

Main South Road

Reservoir Road to Hutchinson St

7:00-8:30 am Southbound carriageway open under speed restriction


Main South Road, near Forktree Road


Main South Road

Forktree Road to start of 80 kmh zone

8:00-10:30 am

Main South Road will remain open in both directions with speed restrictions.

Runners will use shoulder and part of eastbound carriageway inside cone line.


Reservoir Road


Reservoir Road

Gate 4 (350m north of Sampson Road)

to Gate 35 (400m south of dam wall)

8:00-9:30 am Road closed (with local access permitted to Sampson Road)

Reservoir Road

Forktree Road to Gate 35 (400m south of dam wall)

8:00-9:30 am Road closed to through traffic.  Local access permitted as far as Gate 35